RSS-Script: Compatibility Test

Test Should Be What You Have
PHP 5.2.0 or higher 7.0.33
XML Enabled Enabled, and sane
PCRE Enabled Enabled
Zlib Enabled Enabled
mbstring Enabled Enabled
iconv Enabled Enabled
Data filtering Enabled Enabled
Tidy Enabled Enabled
cURL Enabled Enabled
Parallel URL fetching Enabled Enabled
allow_url_fopen Enabled Enabled

What does this mean?

  1. PHP: You are running a supported version of PHP. No problems here.
  2. XML: You have XMLReader support or a version of XML support that isn't broken installed. No problems here.
  3. PCRE: You have PCRE support installed. No problems here.
  4. allow_url_fopen: You have allow_url_fopen enabled. No problems here.
  5. Data filtering: You have the PHP filter extension enabled. No problems here.
  6. Zlib: You have Zlib enabled. This allows SimplePie to support GZIP-encoded feeds. No problems here.
  7. mbstring and iconv: You have both mbstring and iconv installed! This will allow RSS-Script to handle the greatest number of languages. No problems here.
  8. Tidy: You have Tidy support installed. No problems here.
  9. cURL: You have cURL support installed. No problems here.
  10. Parallel URL fetching: You have HttpRequestPool or curl_multi support installed. No problems here.

Bottom Line: Yes, you can!

Your webhost has its act together!

You can run the latest version of RSS-Script from

Date: 2021-04-21