Despite leaving their biggest stars at home, Joachim Low's men remain on track to make another tournament final at the Confederations Cup Germany take on Mexico on Thursday for a place in the Confederations Cup final in Russia. Joachim Low has left many of his big stars at home this...



  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in a post that the social network has hit 2 billion monthly users, and has renewed his call to bring the world closer. In the Facebook posting, Zuckerberg reiterated remarks he made at an event during a user rally on June 22. In the face of...



WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The echo chamber that is Washington has been reverberating with the name of an ancient Greek historian who, it turns out, warned us more than two millennia ago to avoid war with China. There’s something catchy about the term “Thucydides’s trap” — which is how a...

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